Our mission is to "Embrace, Encourage, Empower and Educate" Cancer Fighters and Survivors around the world.

LINKAGE BEAUTY MOVEMENT LLC was created in 2019 to stand as a platform showcasing the Strength and Resilience of Women before, during and after their diagnosis, while connecting and linking with one another regarding the same health related issues, choices and circumstances.

Support is a key factor in recovery and survivorship, so we just want to bring joy and make things easier.

Our goal here is to reach women of all backgrounds and of BC diagnosis and provide Motivation and a community of Support.

We Send Special monthly LINKAGE BEAUTY CARE BOXES, showcase fighters and survivors who inspire and uplift us, build relationships, and give special Linkage Beauty Awards to Survivors and Caregivers across the U.S, Canada, United Kingdom and the Caribbean.

2023 is about SPREADING LOVE, AWARENESS, Continue FIGHTING FOR A CURE & Empowerment! image2023 is about SPREADING LOVE, AWARENESS, Continue FIGHTING FOR A CURE & Empowerment! image
Since 2019, Linkage Beauty Movement LLC has been heavily involved within the community showing and spreading Joy, love, giving thanks and supporting those in need. The Linkage CARES Fund and Linkage Little Blessings will be working overtime to provide assistance to fighters, survivors and thrivers.

If you or someone you may know is in need of food assistance, gifts for kids, housing supplies and gifts cards, to help with supporting the Christmas holiday with fighters and survivors and their families, let us know!

Email us anytime at: linkagebeautyllc@icloud.com

Mimi Frazier

Founder & CEO


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Renee Brewington

Motivational Guide, Life Listener, Operations Support


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Hey Everyone (Check this out)…..

Linkage Beauty Movement LLC started a new trend a few months back called #IMPRESENT🤚🏽

It’s really simple….. this trend is to show your presence and support to others fighting and surviving breast cancer around the world🌎. We ALL need that reassurance from eachother most of all, and from those who support us! 💕

The message we are sending out is that “We are not alone”, “We Can Overcome” and “We will get through this TOGETHER”! ✊🏽🙌🏽💪🏽🎀 

RECIPIENTS:  Tawny Rachelle (Texas) & Delvonna Smoot (Maryland)!


RECIPIENTS: Carly Red (Georgia) & Lauren Mitchell Schultz (California)!

RECIPIENTS: Keishawn Knight (Orlando, FL) & Laurie Ratliff (San Francisco, CA)!

JUNE 2020
RECIPIENT: Davida Daniels Washington (Columbia, SC)

JULY 2020
RECIPIENT: Jessica Semmel (New York City)

RECIPIENT: Francesca Gaines (Waldorf, MD)

RECIPIENT: Gina Michelle (Little Rick, Arkansas)

RECIPIENT: Monique Headecker Green (Raleigh, NC)

RECIPIENT: Amy Yahle (Indiana) 

Nikki Hennigan (North Carolina)

RECIPIENTS: Nadiyah Brown (Pennsylvania)

MARCH 2021 
RECIPIENTS: Mika Bakker Burns (New York) & Chaneta “Juliet” (Maryland)

APRIL 2021
RECIPIENTS: Oauja Walker (Nevada) & Laura Moore (North Carolina)

May 2021
RECIPIENTS: Tesha Dfelia (California) & Kathi Hunter (Washington)

June & JULY 2021
RECIPIENTS: Juanita Beltran (Washington, DC), Susy Survivor (Colorado) & Baasima Riley (Philadelphia)

August 2021
RECIPIENTS: Jersi Baker (North Carolina) & Jo Pratt (Florida)

September 2021
RECIPIENTS: Jamila Mandela (Washington, DC) & Lynsey Ritchie (United Kingdom)

October 2021
RECIPIENTS: Dolores Miller & Johan Moran (Philadelphia, PA)

November 2021
RECIPIENTS: Community Care Box Giveaway for Thanksgiving to 2 local recipients.

December 2021
Recipients: Davida Daniels-Washington (South Carolina) & Moe Betta (D.C)

January 2022
Stephanie Astalos Jones (Georgia) & Clorena Davis (Texas)

March 2022
Shoni Brown (New York) & Melissa Eppard (New York)

May 2022
Donna Marie (Virginia) & Chandra Xiong (Texas)

July 2022
Tyra Glaze (Georgia)
Kit Livingston (Canada)
Sonia Jones (Washington D.C) 

November 2022 
Shemariah Manson-Pradia (Georgia)
Natalie Shoulter (Ohio)

January 2023
Kelly DeLand (Pennsylvania)

March 2023
Kathy Frasca (California)
Alex Vasquez (Pennsylvania)

April 2023
Sequoyah (Virginia)
Kate Seros (D.C)

Check out a few showcases before leaving our site, Or you can visit them ALL on our social media platforms!! Trust us, you wont regret getting to know more about these beautiful ladies! @LINKAGEBEAUTYLLC #LINKAGEBEAUTYLLC #LINKAGECARES #LINKAGEESSENTIALS

Kimberly Bowles

August 2022

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Reshell Dotson Matheny

September 2022

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Regina Jones

October 2022

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Tesha Ofelia

December 2022

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Frances Hammond

November 2022

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Tatiana Raenell

January 2023

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Nikki Henigan

March 2023

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Chaneta Juliet Copeland

March 2023

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Stacy Sigman

February 2023

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Baasima Riley

April 2023

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Natalie Shoulter

April 2023

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Linkage CARES 

Thank you for your support each year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in (October). 
This year, We raised enough funds to support many fighters and survivors, even caregivers within the community!!!! We also donated to non profit organizations and sent out almost 50 Care Boxes across the US and Internationally. As we grow, our goal is to continue to support, educate, empower and encourage.

All Proceeds from Linkage Essentials purchases are used towards LINKAGE BEAUTY MOVEMENT LLC resources, referrals, LMB support services and most importantly, our monthly Care Box  and Gift Pack distribution for women within Linkage Beauty Movement's growing community, before, during and after their surgeries or treatments.

Donation Contributions are also used towards community service, networking to link and connect women all over the world and supporting other non profit organizations working towards the same goals. Anything helps, so we appreciate in advance what you can do to support our cause.

For any Monetary Donations, you can find us on:

PAYPAL: linkagebeautymovement@gmail.com 
Cash app: $linkagebeauty2021
Venmo: @linkagebeauty
Zelle: linkagebeautymovement@gmail.com
Applepay: Inquiry for details 


Please Email: linkagebeautymovement@gmail.com.com 
Call Us: 240-602-8875  Monday-Friday 10am to 4pm

Not Putting On A Shirt

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​Although Breast Cancer Awareness month is over ladies ……

Don’t forget that It’s Vital to gain knowledge, get yourself checked and talk with your mothers, sisters, cousins and friends about the precautions and what resources and tools are available!

We will make sure to continue to Support, Embrace, Educate, Encourage and Empower women every month, day and minute. 
STAY AWARE, stay active, stand tall imageSTAY AWARE, stay active, stand tall imageSTAY AWARE, stay active, stand tall image
Breast Cancer Awareness🎀 isn’t just having some knowledge.... it’s making sure you are AWARE and EDUCATED on your body and this disease!

✔️For starters, Don’t Be Afraid of your body and what’s going on inside of it!! The earlier the detection, the better the chances of identifying, attacking and destroying this disease!

✔️Do your self examination daily, weekly (start a normal routine of doing this)! NOT JUST IN OCTOBER

✔️Go schedule your Mammogram and Yearly OB/GYN appointments!

✔️Pay close attention to your Health & Wellness, Start a new healthy routine that will benefit your mind, body and soul!

✔️Spread the word to your friends, family and associates!

✔️Get involved, And stay involved in the fight for a cure✊🏽🎀

✔️Support someone who is fighting or surviving Breast Cancer!

✔️Give back to a Cause🎀! DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST on any charity, fundraiser, non profit, llc or personal subject before give monetary donations. Unfortunately not all places are truthful with what they use the donations and proceeds for! Make sure your money goes to where it will matter and make change!

Linkage Beauty Movement LLC #BCAM #Awareness #support #strength #mammo #appts #health #wellness #educate #research #findacure

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Are you covered? Do you have Medical Insurance? Life Insurance?

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Need Assistance Applying for Social Services Benefits?

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Need Assistance Applying for SSI?

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Seek Therapy {It’s TOTALLY FINE!}

Your Mental Health Matters!!

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CONSULT with your Primary Care Physician 👩🏽‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️🏥

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CONSULT with a Dermatologist 👩🏽‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️

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CONSULT with your OB/GYN 🏥👩🏽‍⚕️

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Make your Dental Appointments

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Are you a victim of Domestic Violence?

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Oct 5th 2022

1st SESSION! Yoga Wednesday 8PM (EST) WATCH HERE (Link)

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Oct 12th 2022

2nd SESSION! Yoga Wednesday 8PM (EST) WATCH HERE (Link)

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Oct 26th 2022


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Volunteer with Linkage Beauty

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Resources Checklist

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Supplies / Care Box Request

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Prayer/Motivational Talk Session

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Request Linkage Beauty Movement to speak at your next event

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SHOP AT THE LINKAGE ESSENTIALS ONLINE STORE: https://linkage-beauty-essentials.square.site/

Linkage Beauty Movement LLC.

“We Empower, Encourage and Embrace Cancer Fighters & Survivors Around the World🌏”
Our mission to to provide LOVE, Support, Resources, Compassion, Unity and Care Boxes to uplift and inspire those in need.

We are proud to add new components to our Amazing Movement such as:

Linkage Skin Essentials🌾🌱

Handmade, 100% Natural Bar Soap, Essential Body Oils, and  Natural Whipped Body Butters that will provide a vast amount of healthy benefits for the skin and the overall wellness of its natural balance. Linkage Natural Hair Growth Oil and Linkage Natural Hair Hydration Mist, both were created to provide tons of nutrients, pure vitamins, natural scalp detox treatment and hydration to the hair follicles.

Linkage Candle Collection🕯

Handcrafted, 100% Naturally Infused Aromatherapy Candles handcrafted with the Pure Essential Oils to set the mood for peace and relaxation wherever it’s lit. Made with 100% Natural Beeswax and Beeswax wick sticks. 100% Environmentally Safe!

Linkage Natural Healing Stones/Crystals (Raw & Polished)

Hand picked stones and crystals that support the well being of our mind, body, soul and surroundings. Crystals with specific stones are known to help support and relieve specific ailments such as anxiety, depression and insomnia, or more physical ailments such as digestive problems.

As we Grow we will continue to incorporate new 100% Natural healthy creations and products to make our health, skin and mind thrive and heal. WELLNESS is key!

We love you ALL ✨

ENJOY our 100% Natural Premium products, handmade with love, crafted with care and infused with knowledge and passion for wellness.

Mrs. Tasha Moore (Ponchatoula, Louisiana)



Meet (AUTHOR) Mrs. Tasha, (Louisiana) An Outstanding mother, friend, a heart of GOLD and faith so strong you feel it every time you hear her voice. Diagnosed in early 2017 with Stage 3 Ductual Carcinoma, she kept fighting, stayed fabulous and had her Mastectomy in October 2017. Since then, shes been living a life full of Love, Courage, Adventure, and Faith! With GOD, anything is possible, she is a true example of Strength, She shines in every way, each and every day! She is for sure a LINKAGE BEAUTY SUPERSTAR now and Forever!!

Kimberly Bowles (Pittsburg, PA)

Not Putting On A Shirt


Meet Kimberly Bowles, (Pittsburg, PA) A truly MAGNIFICENT Woman, is what you are! I don’t think you totally understand how important our are within our community and all over the world🌏! Just know that you touch the lives of MANY with your voice, actions and cause! You are a BIG DEAL💫💫, and we see 👀you! You inspire us to be GREAT and to stand firm in what we believe in. You exude AWESOMENESS🙌🏽💪🏽... I hope you know this!! Keep SHINING! Continue being a superb mother, advocate and all around SUPERWOMEN! THANK YOU for all that you do! You are now and Forever a LINKAGE BEAUTY MVP🥇🏆✨✨✨

Tawny Rachelle (SugarLand, Texas)



Meet Tawny Rachelle, (Sugarland, Texas) Cancer hasn’t stopped this Beautiful soul one bit!!!! {Just take a moment to feel the lively spirit of this amazing Women!}⭐️ Being a true cancer thriver in its BEST form, a motivator and role model is the best way to describe her. She embodies confidence, fearlessness and most of all Bravery! On top of all that she is a kick ass Independent Stylist, Make up artist and Brow Specialist! Support her business and follow her on IG at: @hairbytawnyrachelle @bluelionsalonstudios .... she does AMAZING WORK! She is Truly a LINKAGE BEAUTY SUPERSTAR✨✨✨✨✨✨ We love and support you!

Katina Seros


Meet, Katina Seros, (Washington, D.C) "In her own words" .... "I am a 3rd generation breast cancer warrior on my maternal side; but BRCA negative. 3 years out from my initial diagnosis (at 39) and 2.5 from single mastectomy with diep flap reconstruction. DIEP was incredibly tuff (1st surgery was 11 hours) but I am so grateful to have been able to reconstruct with my own tissue. There is still grief, and PTSD after cancer for me has been very real. EMDR therapy and art therapy have been amazing in learning to acknowledge and release the trauma. My acupuncturist and my spiritual community have been integral in my healing journey. I am so blessed to have an amazing support system of friends, family and colleagues. And Wu Tang because sacrificing your breast to cancer is some samurai warrior-ish. And 36 Chambers has gotten me through all aspects of my treatment. My greatest source of strength is this amazing sisterhood, who I have found completely on-line. Thank you to all the bc warriors who have supported me with their love, strength, grace and humor. And thank you to my students; these amazing little souls who teach me that when life overwhelms you with injustice and struggle and disappointment, you honor the rise up with your kindness and authenticity. I want my sisters to know they are never alone. This is hard and very bad days happen so please don’t judge yourself for it. There is an opportunity to transform through the pain; remember you are filled with grace". We here at LBM are honored to showcase a women of such Grace, Bravery and Class. Your strength has no limits and the example you show will continue to change lives your not even aware of! Your journey is one of Power and Motivation, we THANK YOU for sharing. You are and always will be a LINKAGE BEAUTY SUPERSTAR✨✨✨✨✨ We love and support you!!

Meet Chaneta {Juliet}, (Rosaryille, MD)


Meet Chaneta {Juliet}, (Rosaryville, MD) Sis, you have absolutely no idea how much you motivate me and women everywhere around the world with your journey. You do it ALL! Your amazing! Thank you for allowing us to see what you endure as well as how you live life fiercely and without limitations. We could never imagine what you see, because you fight with such Grace and Fearlessness! To watch you gives us Hope and Courage enough to face another day, another doctor, another challenge. But we do it with Confidence and the drive to take on anything set before us! THANK YOU, for being you and allowing us inside your beautiful world. We here at Linkage Beauty appreciate your example of Strength💪🏾, so does every woman who sees your story! Check her out on IG at: @cancerdoesnthave2beugly You are now and Forever a LINKAGE BEAUTY SUPERSTAR✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ We love and support you!

Stephanie Astalos Jones (Athens, Georgia)

FLAT is where it’s at


Meet Stephanie Astalos Jones (Athens, Georgia) What BEAUTIFUL💓, PURE and GENUINELY AMAZING soul you are🤗! Everything you stand for is with purpose ✊🏽and we appreciate and THANK YOU for all you do. You are so very IMPORTANT... never forget that‼️‼️ What you do matters to us all🙌🏽👏🏽. @flatiswhereitsat YOU SHINE brighter 🌟💫💫than you’ll ever understand... don’t ever Stop💪🏽💪🏽!! We love you and support you, Always! Your a LINKAGE BEAUTY MVP SUPERSTAR🏆✨✨now and forever!

Lauren Tarpley

Episode 1: October 4th 2021

South Carolina

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Teri Kincaid

Episode 2: October 5th 2021


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Stori Nagel

Episode 3: October 6th 2021


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Oauja Walker

Episode 4: October 8th 2021

Las Vegas, NV

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Kit Livingston

Episode 5: Oct 18th 2021

Shannon Moneymaker

Episode 6: October 25th 2021


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Our 2019 1st Annual Linkage Beauty Movement Launch Event was a SUCCESS!!

A extra special THANK YOU to our Guest who attended and our award recipient Shannon Moneymaker, of (For 3 Sisters).

We are honored to have had such a great reception and kind donations that will support our LBM Ladies for months to come and support the women in my home community at the same time! I’m sure each and every donation will warm their hearts and put smiles on their faces :-).

Our main goal is to support and advocate for women fighting Breast Cancer and the effects of this disease. Linkage Beauty Movement LLC is a platform to uplift and inspire women before, during and after there recovery. So we thank you all for attending and look forward to seeing you all at our next events.

.... Please check out the PHOTO GALLERY for more pictures from this exciting event.
  • Temple Hills, Maryland, United States

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We stand for justice, peace, equality and freedom! imageWe stand for justice, peace, equality and freedom! imageWe stand for justice, peace, equality and freedom! image



Ouaja Walker

Las Vegas, 2022

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Rebecca Scollon Butts

Michigan “2019

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Eriel Paige

Brandywine, MD “2019

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Rachel Larkin

Nevada “2018

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Tiffany Stewart

Pamela Kelly

Marie Claude Belzile

Stephanie Sasser

Chiara D’Agostino