STAY AWARE, stay active, stand tall imageSTAY AWARE, stay active, stand tall imageSTAY AWARE, stay active, stand tall image
Breast Cancer Awareness🎀 isn’t just having some knowledge.... it’s making sure you are AWARE and EDUCATED on your body and this disease!
✔️For starters, Don’t Be Afraid of your body and what’s going on inside of it!! The earlier the detection, the better the chances of identifying, attacking and destroying this disease!
✔️Do yourself examination daily, weekly (start a normal routine of doing this)! NOT JUST IN OCTOBER!
✔️Go schedule your Mammogram and Yearly OB/GYN appointments!
✔️Pay close attention to your Health & Wellness, Start a new healthy routine that will benefit your mind, body and soul!
✔️Spread the word to your friends, family and associates!
✔️Get involved and stay involved in the fight for a cure!
✔️Support someone who is fighting or surviving Breast Cancer!
✔️Give back to a Cause! DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST on any charity, fundraiser, non-profit, LLC or personal subject before giving monetary donations. Unfortunately, not all places are truthful with what they use the donations and proceeds for! Make sure your money goes to where it will matter and make change!

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