Mrs. Tasha Moore (Ponchatoula, Louisiana)



Meet (AUTHOR) Mrs. Tasha, (Louisiana) An Outstanding mother, friend, a heart of GOLD and faith so strong you feel it every time you hear her voice. Diagnosed in early 2017 with Stage 3 Ductual Carcinoma, she kept fighting, stayed fabulous and had her Mastectomy in October 2017. Since then, shes been living a life full of Love, Courage, Adventure, and Faith! With GOD, anything is possible, she is a true example of Strength, She shines in every way, each and every day! She is for sure a LINKAGE BEAUTY SUPERSTAR now and Forever!!

Kimberly Bowles (Pittsburg, PA)

Not Putting On A Shirt


Meet Kimberly Bowles, (Pittsburg, PA) A truly MAGNIFICENT Woman, is what you are! I don’t think you totally understand how important our are within our community and all over the world🌏! Just know that you touch the lives of MANY with your voice, actions and cause! You are a BIG DEAL💫💫, and we see 👀you! You inspire us to be GREAT and to stand firm in what we believe in. You exude AWESOMENESS🙌🏽💪🏽... I hope you know this!! Keep SHINING! Continue being a superb mother, advocate and all around SUPERWOMEN! THANK YOU for all that you do! You are now and Forever a LINKAGE BEAUTY MVP🥇🏆✨✨✨

Tawny Rachelle (SugarLand, Texas)



Meet Tawny Rachelle, (Sugarland, Texas) Cancer hasn’t stopped this Beautiful soul one bit!!!! {Just take a moment to feel the lively spirit of this amazing Women!}⭐️ Being a true cancer thriver in its BEST form, a motivator and role model is the best way to describe her. She embodies confidence, fearlessness and most of all Bravery! On top of all that she is a kick ass Independent Stylist, Make up artist and Brow Specialist! Support her business and follow her on IG at: @hairbytawnyrachelle @bluelionsalonstudios .... she does AMAZING WORK! She is Truly a LINKAGE BEAUTY SUPERSTAR✨✨✨✨✨✨ We love and support you!

Katina Seros


Meet, Katina Seros, (Washington, D.C) "In her own words" .... "I am a 3rd generation breast cancer warrior on my maternal side; but BRCA negative. 3 years out from my initial diagnosis (at 39) and 2.5 from single mastectomy with diep flap reconstruction. DIEP was incredibly tuff (1st surgery was 11 hours) but I am so grateful to have been able to reconstruct with my own tissue. There is still grief, and PTSD after cancer for me has been very real. EMDR therapy and art therapy have been amazing in learning to acknowledge and release the trauma. My acupuncturist and my spiritual community have been integral in my healing journey. I am so blessed to have an amazing support system of friends, family and colleagues. And Wu Tang because sacrificing your breast to cancer is some samurai warrior-ish. And 36 Chambers has gotten me through all aspects of my treatment. My greatest source of strength is this amazing sisterhood, who I have found completely on-line. Thank you to all the bc warriors who have supported me with their love, strength, grace and humor. And thank you to my students; these amazing little souls who teach me that when life overwhelms you with injustice and struggle and disappointment, you honor the rise up with your kindness and authenticity. I want my sisters to know they are never alone. This is hard and very bad days happen so please don’t judge yourself for it. There is an opportunity to transform through the pain; remember you are filled with grace". We here at LBM are honored to showcase a women of such Grace, Bravery and Class. Your strength has no limits and the example you show will continue to change lives your not even aware of! Your journey is one of Power and Motivation, we THANK YOU for sharing. You are and always will be a LINKAGE BEAUTY SUPERSTAR✨✨✨✨✨ We love and support you!!

Meet Chaneta {Juliet}, (Rosaryille, MD)


Meet Chaneta {Juliet}, (Rosaryville, MD) Sis, you have absolutely no idea how much you motivate me and women everywhere around the world with your journey. You do it ALL! Your amazing! Thank you for allowing us to see what you endure as well as how you live life fiercely and without limitations. We could never imagine what you see, because you fight with such Grace and Fearlessness! To watch you gives us Hope and Courage enough to face another day, another doctor, another challenge. But we do it with Confidence and the drive to take on anything set before us! THANK YOU, for being you and allowing us inside your beautiful world. We here at Linkage Beauty appreciate your example of Strength💪🏾, so does every woman who sees your story! Check her out on IG at: @cancerdoesnthave2beugly You are now and Forever a LINKAGE BEAUTY SUPERSTAR✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ We love and support you!

Stephanie Astalos Jones (Athens, Georgia)

FLAT is where it’s at


Meet Stephanie Astalos Jones (Athens, Georgia) What BEAUTIFUL💓, PURE and GENUINELY AMAZING soul you are🤗! Everything you stand for is with purpose ✊🏽and we appreciate and THANK YOU for all you do. You are so very IMPORTANT... never forget that‼️‼️ What you do matters to us all🙌🏽👏🏽. @flatiswhereitsat YOU SHINE brighter 🌟💫💫than you’ll ever understand... don’t ever Stop💪🏽💪🏽!! We love you and support you, Always! Your a LINKAGE BEAUTY MVP SUPERSTAR🏆✨✨now and forever!